Self-Analysis Questions to See Whether You Need to Start Planning NOW!




The following questions are meant as thought provokers to help you decide how to move forward.


  1. What has been your purpose in life? Has this purpose been different at different ages?


  2. In looking back over your career, what has been unique or special about your work experience? What are you particularly proud of?

  3. If you plan to go into some other type of work, what will it be? How will you prepare for it?

  4. If you'll never “retire," will you slow down?

  5. Do you want traditional retirement of golf, sun and travel? Will you be happy with that for 25-30 years?

  6. What is the most exciting thing (work or other) you’ve ever done? What made it so exciting?

  7. What kind of non-financial legacy would you like to leave?

  8. If you have elderly relatives to care for, how will that affect your retirement planning ?

  9. Are you and your significant other in agreement about your long-term plans ?

  10. If nothing were to change in your life and you continued just the way it is now, what would you most likely regret at the end of life?