Active Planning Will Create a Fullfilling " Work Retirement"


Moving Into Retirement means Transitioning Through Change


Corporate Retirement


Baby Boomers at Retirement: The Coming Challenge for American Organizations


Phased Retirement Programs in Various Organizations




Mitch Anthony The New Retirementality: Planning Your Life and Living Your Any Age You WantDearborn Trade Publishing, 2001


Suzy Allegra, How to be Ageless, Celestial Arts 2002


Elwood Chapman, Comfort Zones, Crisp Publications, 1997


Suzy Allegra, How to be Ageless, Celestial Arts, 2002


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Mark Freedman, Prime Time: How Baby Boomers will Revolutinze Retirement and Transfor America, Public Affairs Books, 1999


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Ralph Warner, Get a Life: You Don't Need a milion to Retire Well, Nolo Press, 2000


Assessment Tools


Thre Retirement Success Profile ( RSP ) from Retirement Options. ( Available only through a consultant like Transition Steps Consulting.)


Third Quarter of Life Card Sort helps you explore the areas that are most worthy of your attention in your third quarter of life. 800-888-4945


Various self-assessments appear many of the books mentioned above


Newsletters/email notices


Transition Steps Consulting will be sending out white papers and important information throughout the year. Signing up is free. If you would like to be on the list, contact Betty Burr at the email below. - ( see sources pages on reverse mortgages ) ( for resources and self-assessments ) (many resource lists ) (the granddaddy of them all - American Association of Retired Persons )