It’s Your Turn Now: Lifestyle Exploration Groups


In your mature lifestyle do you intend to work, whether for salary, for fee, for free or for other motivation? The 2005 AARP Blueprint for the Future – reimagining America reports “…nearly 70% of boomers report that they expect to continue working in their ‘retirement’ years.”


And although some of you will stay in the same jobs, many of you will be looking for new ways to do things you have put off in the interest of other responsibilities.


Exploration groups can help you find the most rewarding mature lifestyle.


Why are exploration groups so helpful?


Most people have certain blind spots where their own lives are concerned. Often their lack of self-awareness in these dimensions is caused by many years of looking away from or burying their own desires. Transition Steps exploration groups are structured to gently provide input that sheds light on these blind spots, thereby helping participants identify areas of next steps for investigation.


  • Use our structured process that reflects where you’ve been, dreams you’ve had and put aside, and strengths & motivations.


  • Cutting edge lifestyle planning and analysis tools appeal to your head, heart and spirit.


  • Small groups provide supportive listeners and help you “see” things you may not have noticed.


Two types of groups:


  • 4-hour introductory groups (Next in-person group is January 18, 2015)


  • On-going lifestyle development groups – in person on by teleconference