Corporate Lifestyle Planning Programs and Coaching


Purpose of Corporate Programs:

  • Offered as a benefit to assist those who are ready to retire plan their next steps

  • Positioned as a way to help people plan far enough in advance that they will be able to retire

  • Assistance for those employees who want to work longer

The program - Maximum of 16 people workshops:

  • A brown-bag lunch introduction for all those potentially interested in the program.

  • An introductory 3-hour workshop with those who opt in that helps them redefine "retirement" as just the next life stage and discusses the issues of non-financial pre-retirement planning

  • The Retirement Success Profile (RSP), a web-based self-assessment instrument that measures "retirement readiness" in 15 life arenas that are predictors of transition success. A 23 page feedback report highlights the gaps between what the individuals perceived they would need in retirement and what they have already achieved.

  • Two 3-hour workshops to work on plans that include all the information they gathered in each of the gap areas shown on the assessment and to assist people in creating a plan for their own successful transition. In the workshops they work in pairs and small groups to interpret their reports from the RSP and they also receive lists of resources to allow them to continue their planning process.

Additional Program - All of the above plus six months of coaching

At the completion of these workshops and meetings, the program offers individual transition coaching for any participant who wants it. In bi-weekly phone sessions with the coach who led them through the initial assessment and workshops, individuals work on implementing their plans.