To Whom it May Concern:




Several months ago, I found myself as a total stop in my life. I was 53 years old, and was looking for hte right "fit" for a renewed career goal, but was going in so many directions at once that I was spinning in circles. All the goals looked right for me, and the looked important , and I was trying to accomplish them all at the same time. I knew I needed help, and I had read about carer coaches. Guided by an online information source and coaches. I contact Betty Burr, hoping she could help. This was teh best action I could have taken. Betty spent time with me to help me identify and prioritize my goals. She helped me focus on my immediate goals which will make my long-term goals achievable. She has helped me redirect my thining so that I can recognize that what I a doing now is not going to last forever, and is just a step toward buildilng my own business. She showed me that there is more tan one way to look at a problem, form teh very negative to the very positive, and many degrees in between. 


I can happily recommend her services to anyone who needs to make positive changes in a career strategy.


Sherry, R.N., B.S.N






I'm writing to thank you again for the fine work you've done to help me develop my Salarly Negotiation Consulting business. The combination of your coaching skills, business and life experience, and The One Page Plan ( TOPP ) clear goal setting and reporting methodology have taken me farther and faster in building my dream than I ever expected.


You've worked with me to set aggressive, yet attainable goals, and I've been able to meet them. Becuase of this I have a NO DOUBT that I will attain my 3-year goal of starting up and running my self-sustaining business. Your ability to encourage mewhile providing just the right nudging, course correcting, or addressing of an isues that's got me stuck has been uncanny. I have ALWAYS felt more inspired, educated, and on course after every meeting I've had with you. You have been without doubt, the right person at the right time working with the best tool for me and the way I work.


WW, Manager in a technical company



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