We use several assessment instruments to assist people in determining their level of preparedness fo the transition.


The Retirement Success Profile ( RSP ), is systematically designed web-based pesonal assessment that helps you determine your transition readiness. Based upon answers 120 questions about 5 life elements, it has been used with over 10 thousand people. You receive a 23-page printed report graphically showing you gaps between what you anticipate you will want in your mature life style and what you currently have interpretation of the results with a trained consultant, plus a 120-page companion book, "Discovering Your Dream", allows you to create a solid plan for closing the gaps.


My Best Profile is a written assessment intrument that allows people to identify/reaffirm their personality and communication styles. Results provide a tool to help individuals determine the directino for their activities in "retirement". 


Managing Expectations is written assessment intrument that provides insigh into expectations individuals hold about the rewards from their activities. For example, you may be someone who needs a lot of recognition. If that is the case, you want to structure your post-career activities to provide recognition you formerly received at work.


Innovate with Care is a written profile that provides a way for the person to determine which role within a group is best for her. The assessment helps identify strengths as a Creator, Advancer, Refiner or Executor. Knowing these strengths will help individual pick projects and or work efforts that will give her the greatest satisfaction.